What is Social Media Advertising?

Social advertising is the practice of designing and delivering clickable adverts to reach specific target audiences. These adverts are published on a wide variety of social media marketing platforms, messaging applications, news feeds, and more.

  • Advanced Targeting
  • Higher ROI
  • Better Engagement
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Lower Investment, Greater Returns!

Better Reach

Social ads have a much better reach as compared to search ads and traditional ads


Social advertising is quite pocket-friendly. You can create ads based on your budget

Higher Quality Traffic

Social advertising generates better quality traffic for your website using advanced targeting

Higher Engagement

Social advertising enhances user experience and creates more engagement

More Awareness

Social Advertising creates 3x more brand awareness than other campaigns

More Conversions

Social Advertising leads to better engagement, more page views, clicks and more conversions


We get you Etched in their Memory

Step 1 - Defining Goals

We analyze your brand, research your target audience and competition and define your Ad goals and KPIs

Step 2 - Planning

We research and create a list of keywords, social platforms and plan an Ad strategy for each social media platform

Step 3 - Creating Ads

Our expert copywriters and marketing specialists create different formats of ads for different platforms

Step 4 - Testing

We test the ads on various parameters and compare results to find out the ads that best achieve the pre-defined goals


Getting People Excited About your Brand

Tangible Results

With Digi Marketers' Social Advertising, you can continuously measure and track performance

Improved Brand Loyalty

We create social media ads that make your target audience fall and stay in love with you

Great Customer Service

We are always just a phone call away. Our experts are available 24*7 for your service

Ethical Practices

We don't use any unfair means to get more traffic. We believe in being ethical and honest

Affordable Services

Our social advertising services are highly affordable for all sizes of businesses

Consistent Brand Voice

We ensure all your marketing communication is consistent with the brand voice


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