What are Google PPC Ads?

A Google PPC ad (pay-per-click) is an online advertising technique in which an advertiser compensates a publisher for each “click” on a link in an advertisement on the Google search engine. Google PPC is a cost-effective way of reaching a wider audience.

  • Cost-effective
  • Targeted
  • Efficient
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Efficient and Cost-effective Advertising!

Highly Targeted Ads

With Google PPC, specify your target audience based on demographic characteristics


With Pay per click ads, you pay exactly for what you get, which makes it highly cost-effective

Brand Awareness

With Google Ads, you get more brand exposure which results in higher brand awareness

Trackable Results

You can track and measure the results of your Google ads in real time and fine-tune it accordingly

Quicker Results

With Google PPC, you can start seeing tangible results like web traffic and conversion rates quickly

Better Control

Google Ads give you more control than traditional ads. Control who gets to see your ads and when


We Create the “Buzz” for you

Step 1 - Defining Goals

We analyze your brand, research your target audience and competition and define your Ad goals

Step 2 - Planning

Based on the defined goals, we research and create a list of keywords and plan an Ad strategy for your business

Step 3 - Creating Ads

Our copywriters then create different versions of the Ad copies with attractive headlines and descriptions

Step 4 - Testing

We test different headlines and ad copies and compare results to find out the ads with the highest click-through-rates


Awakening the Interest and Desire for your Brand

Unmatched Expertise

We have people who thoroughly understand the technical as well as the business side of Google Ads

Continuous Improvement

We keep testing and perfecting our Ads until we provide you with the copy with the highest conversions

Customized Content

We customize our Ads for each stage of the buyer journey to optimize website traffic and conversions

Great Tools

Our PPC experts are proficient in tools like Google Ads, SEMrush, PPC Entourage, Ad Badger and more

Reporting & Analysis

With Dig Marketers, you are always in the know. We constantly keep you in loop regarding the progress of your ads

Ethical Advertising

Honesty and Integrity are the two most important values of our company. We ensure all our ads are ethical & honest


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